Quantum Partners Limited

Our approach is to analyze potential investments by focusing on these FIVE key elements: Business, People, Product, Technology and Impact:

Quantum will invest in companies that have an established operating history and show strong revenue and earnings growth patterns with sustainable profit margins, steady cash flow streams, positive EBITDAs, strong balance sheet metrics and of course, attractive valuations.
Quantum will invest in companies with strong leadership that have a clear strategic vision with compelling goals; leaders that have a track record of good management, commensurate industry experience, who are open and transparent, and have the potential to take the company forward.
Product / Service
Quantum will invest in strong brands that offer unique, quality products or services that compete on value and not cost alone. We will look for products and services that have a strong and clear demand with compelling growth opportunities and companies which imbibe quality control measures both in operating procedures and processes in order to ensure long term sustainable competitive advantage.
Quantum is a firm believer in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to drive business processes and ensure improved product or service delivery. So wherever possible Quantum will give preference to investments that exhibit a comparable level of commitment to ICT and its benefits and seek to incorporate ICT tools in those that do not.
Quantum will give preference to investments ‘with’ or ‘with the potential’ to make a positive societal impact, thus, aligning our investors and investments alike with the broader objectives of society. We will do this by thoroughly incorporating social, ethical, governance, transparency and environmental considerations in our investment appraisal and decision making processes. We will evaluate each potential investment holistically in terms of these factors and upon investment, seek to unite them in a way that can affect positive change. We at Quantum are firm believers in socially responsible investing; therefore we will not invest in controversial businesses. We hold ourselves (and our investments) to the highest ethical standards and our SRI/ESG Policy is available upon request..