We invest in African companies with growth potential

Financial Services

We are committed to advancing the financial services industry through our innovative investments in various financial outfits.


Africa is at the start of a technological renaissance and Quantum is striving at the heart of it, powering innovative solutions to ensure efficient service delivery.

Real Estate

We are iconic architecture enthusiasts and we keep seeking ways to explore Nigeria’s burgeoning real estate industry by providing masterpieces and robust building structures for work and play.


With over N10bn investment in education and entrepreneurship, we understand that the progress of a society is largely dependent on giving back.

Other Sectors

We are open to viable investment opportunities in other sectors of the economy, including but not limited to Agri-Business, Energy and Manufacturing

We believe that sustainable investments can be achieved through integrating environmental, social and corporate governance factors into our investment processes.


Our Business

We invest in companies and/or projects that have good revenue and earnings potential or show strong revenue and earnings growth patterns with sustainable profit margins, steady cash flow streams, positive EBITDAs and strong balance sheet metrics


Our Approach

Our approach is to analyse potential investments by focusing on these FIVE key elements:


Quantum’s preferred areas of interest include;

Quantum’s preferred areas of interest include Financial Services, Technology, Real Estate, Philanthropy and Other Sectors.

Our People

Quantum invests in companies with strong leadership that have a clear strategic vision with compelling goals; leaders that have a track record of good management, commensurate industry experience, who are open and transparent, and have the potential to take the company forward.